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In partnership with Elevation, MN a few concepts were developed for Genoa's annual flu campaign. 

Genoa Pharmacies are dedicated and committed to serving their patients and the surrounding communities. If a patient misses an appointment, Genoa will reach out to check on the individual's well-being. They are healthcare with heart.

We added personalization to the flu campaign to de-sterilize the flu shot process and drive incentives to receive the free vaccine at Genoa's clinics. The campaign is shown in floor clings, branded bandages, and goodies for the patients. With backpacks, water bottles, and the possibility to win a free state park pass for a year, a flu shot at Genoa is a win for patients of all ages.

Join the #NoFluCrew and help keep our communities safe.

Genoa Poster Mockup
Genoa Poster 2 Mockup
Genoa Poster 3 Mockup

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