For Corey

Corey tragically lost his life in a skiing accident in 2019. His mom, Bobbi started a foundation in his name to provide outdoor safety equipment to adventurers. 

Corey's dad designed their logo, they had social media pages set up, and events underway. All they needed to help spread the word was a website. 

Every element of Corey's website is designed with him in mind. Everything from the brand colors to the font is all pulled from Corey's life. Throughout the design process, we got to know Corey. We got to know his passions, his laugh, and his love for his friends and family. It's important for the website to help people get to know him as well. 

Take a look around and get to know Corey Borg-Massanari. 

Copy of Corey's Website Mockup
Copy of Corey's Colors Mockup
Corey Water Bottle Mockup

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